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If you’re looking for a secondary tooling supplier, you should know that Unique Model’s secondary tooling department is innovative, committed to customer satisfaction and provides superior workmanship. When it comes to supplying customers with design and fabrication of secondary tooling for compression molded parts, you won’t find a better source anywhere.


Aluminum Waterjet Nests

Epoxy Waterjet Nests

Cooling Bucks

Die-Trim Machines

Edge-Wrap Tools

Assembly Nests

Prototype Form Tools


This is how we do things...

We start with your math data. We then CNC machine a high-density foam pattern, from which an aluminum casting is made. This casting is made with all the required features including machine stock on the surface so it can later be CNC machined to exact specifications. This will give the customer a tool that will hold up for the entire production run with very little maintenance at a very competitive price.


For a lower cost alternative, we can also produce fiber-glass and epoxy resin waterjet nests. These are hand laminated using a CNC machined block of Poly-board for a model. With an aluminum base and fork lift channels, little maintenance is required.

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