3D Printing Department

Rapid Prototyping

Need a fully functional prototype in a hurry?

Our rapid prototyping machine, “the Stratasys FDM”, lets us turn your design into a strong , accurate prototype in hours as opposed to days and weeks.


Let's get started

To initiate the process, you simply send us your math-data file electronically. We will respond by producing an ABS plastic prototype with up to 85% percent strength of an actual molded part. This is a fast, economical way to test a part for fit and function before committing to production tooling.


    Need more parts?

    We also make silicone molds which produce hand-poured prototypes from a multitude of different urethanes, many with cure times of less than an hour. This process is cost effective up to about fifty pieces. For more than that, we can build aluminum or steel prototype injection molds which can produce thousands of parts from the same material your production parts will be made from.

    and more...

    Another specialty is producing carbon fiber prototypes to simulate sheet metal parts using models and a vacuum bagging process which eliminates virtually all the air between layers of the carbon fiber.


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