Fixtures and Gages

Ensuring A Better Quality Product

Unique Model has an outstanding reputation as one of the top fixture and gage shops in the region. Our approach is to have our project managers work as part of your team. This will ensure a better quality product not only for you but for your customer as well.

Unique Model has one of the largest fixture departments around; not only in manpower, but in the size of jobs our machines tools and equipment can handle too.



SPC Checking

Attribute Checking Fixture and Gages

CMM Holding Fixtures

Welding Fixtures

Programmable Cycle Testers

Process Made Easy

Projects begin with our project managers, each with over a decade of experience in the management, design, and building of fixtures. Then it is into the design room, using state of the art CAD/CAM software, we’ll create detailed drawings to meet all of your requirements. From those drawings we’ll produce some of the finest fixtures in the world.


Let Us Help You

If you are unsure of what you may need or require, we can give you several suggestions on the best and most cost effective way of meeting you and your customer’s requirements. Whether you need a small CMM holding fixture or a full automated SPC/attribute fixture, we are ready for the job. The size of our fixture department allows us to produce multiple fixtures within time constraints.

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Call us today at (616) 791-0966 or send us a message! With our vast experience we can help you determine which methods to use for your needs and quickly respond back with a quote.