The CMM Lab

Competence in Calibration

Accredited In Calibration

Unique Model has a full service inspection facility that has also been accredited by The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) for competence in the field of Calibration.


At Unique Model, we verify the quality and accuracy of all our work in a sophisticated, temperature controlled inspection facility.

The focal point of this facility is a collection of high-speed Mitutoyo Direct Computer Controlled Coordinate Machines. The larger CNC CMMs can measure molds, parts, and fixtures with dimensions up to 120″ x 48″ x 64″.

Industry Standard

Results are calculated by PC-DMIS, a CAD-powered, industrial strength CMM software package that runs on all of our CNC CMM’s and two manual Mitutoyo CMM’s. The PC-DMIS software package generates easy-to-read inspection reports. It will also create images of measured points and complex 3-D surfaces that are easily ink-jet printed or plotted.


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