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Welcome to Unique Model Inc. of Grand Rapids, MI


Unique Model's CAD/CAM department is committed to supplying the customer with quality products. With over 100 years total experience in the machining and product design fields, we have the personnel to get the job done. Our CAD/CAM software is as diversified as our customer's products are. Here is an example of some of the software we use:

Catia V5 - Unigraphics- SDRC Ideas - AutoCAD- Mechanical Desktop - VISI Release 20

This enables us to operate using native data-without translating to IGES or STEP formats. This is not only more accurate but also more cost effective.  We continuously maintain and upgrade our software to all the latest versions.

SEND US YOUR DATA -  dataexchange@uniquemodel.com

Attachments up to 20 megabytes



Some Key features in the Design department include:

 - 3D design in solids, surface and/or wireframe 

 - Stored designs for future upgrades

 - The ability to send out designs for approval via e-mail or FTP

Unique Model, Inc. designs with Vero International's Visi 20. Unique Model Inc. is continuously adjusting itself to stay one step ahead of evolving technologies to better meet our customers' needs

Data Transfer 

Unique Model Inc. runs a private ftp site

Trubiquity Data eXchange (formerly AutoWeb) - AXIUNIQAFX001

 E-mail attachments up to 20 MB on our dedicated T-1 line

We have 8mm and 4mm tape drives,   CD/DVDS and 3.5" floppy diskettes

All of Unique Model Inc. is ISO 9001:2000 Design Certified

CNC Mills 

 When it comes to CNC machining, in our trade, we are second to none. With our 13 CNC milling machines with capacities of up to 200"x132"x100", we can handle jobs that most of our competitors will not even consider. We are constantly upgrading our machines tools. With the addition of a second Tarus 3+2 axes CNC milling machine, we are able to remove material and cut complex surfaces and shapes faster than ever before.